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My YouTube Channel

My YouTube channel ( is quite small at the moment. it is mostly made up of stop-motion animation, but I am planning to add some gaming videos in the future.  If you like my channel, please subscribe.

The Decoding Challenge 2017

I have decided to make a code cracking, puzzle solving challenge. You must decode the web address for the page, and then you can go there and get your next code. No using virtual decoders, because that’s cheating. Here is the first code: cuhk evfh jttj gv

It is a Playfair cypher. The codeword starts with D and is 5 letters long. (there is a – between each word)

You have one month.

Doctor Who – Season Ten

In the near future, Doctor Who will be returning with its first normal episode since 2015. Last year, there was no Doctor Who season because the BBC decided that the TV timetable would be too full. I am extremely disappointed about that.

Anyway, Season Ten will be out on the 15th of April, so make sure that you’re ready.

Donald Trump

One very worrying thing that is happening in our world today is Donald Trump’s presidency. With his controversial opinions and overall bad attitude towards his opponents, both in the election and during his presidency, he’s not easy to like.Here is a timeline of his presidency, from his inauguration up to his assassination.Or maybe just the end of his term. Whatever comes first!

2017                                                                                                                                                                         Jan 20th: Mr Trump becomes President Trump on his inauguration day.Protests all around the world, with 2 million+ people in Washington DC.

Jan 27th: Trump bans all immigrants from seven Muslim countries, and bans refugees for 120 days.

Feb 1st: Trump insults Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, straining the US-Australia alliance.

Feb 3rd: Trump threatens to invade Mexico.

Feb 18th: Trump declares that he the media is an enemy of the people.

Mar 4: Trump decides, without evidence, to accuse Former President Obama of tapping his phones in Trump Tower.

More in the next post. I’ll wait a bit for the news to roll in.



First blog post

This blog will, like the rest of the website, contain a lot of random stuff that I find interesting. There will be my opinion on real world problems, short stories about pretty much anything, and just stuff I hope you’ll find interesting. So enjoy and have fun!