An Alternate Future of the USA

This is another version of my Australian alternate future series. Please remember that this is just for fun and is not political in any way.il_fullxfull.797817557_3lbyThese are the 50 states of the USA. In this timeline, they have all split into separate nations in 2020. Soon enough, Alaska and Hawaii are annexed by Russia. (this gets rid of them for me so that I don’t have to worry)

Texas soon demands Oklahoma’s panhandle. Oklahoma makes the mistake of refusing. Even with help from New Mexico, it can’t stand up to Texas, which now has a rather large presence in the South. Meanwhile, Wisconsin takes Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.


2020United-States-Map2020Arizona, worried about its existence, forms an alliance with California, Nevada and Utah.

In 2021, New York, wanting more coastline, declares war on New Jersey before deciding it was too easy an opponent and declaring war on Connecticut as well.


After a short war, the two state-nations are annexed, almost tripling New Yorks coastline. Donald Trump, back from Washington DC, is now President of New York and has some very ambitious plans which DO involve a border wall.

Virginia, in an effort to avoid confusion, goes to war with West Virginia. They do well until North Carolina joins in, resulting in a loss for Virginia. In exchange for help, though, North Carolina demanded some land. After expanding a bit, it decided to just be ‘Carolina’. South Carolina dies of annoyance.

2022United-States-Map2022Wisconsin, now with the Upper Michigan Peninsula, decides it wants the lower one too. Meanwhile, power-hungry New York declares war on Masschuttes, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Maine all at once. Surprisingly, they win.

2024United-States-Map2024In 2025, the ‘Californian Alliance’ makes their move against Texas. When they win, Texas is split into 3 smaller nations (New Mexico to the west, Tyler in the centre and Texas in the East) and some land is given to Arizona.

United-States-Map2025In 2026, the newly elected leader of South Dakota starts having ambitious ideas. Before any of those ideas come into action, they form a Union with North Dakota.

The joint government decides that Wisconsin is getting too powerful and start to make a push. Minnesota does not like that idea.

At the exact same moment (almost) Wisconsin declares war on Minnesota. When both armies meet in the middle, they are all confused until Dakota’s general gives the order to keep pushing through Wisconsin.

Wisconsin’s armies are soon trapped in the Lower ‘Michigan’ Peninsula, and give up. Sorry, Wisconsin. Iowa’s government gets frightened and gives away half of their land.


Mr Trump’s army goes to Maryland. They surrender. On the way home, Pennsylvania surrenders too. Delaware, Virginia and Ohio join the trend. Mr Trump is happy that he now controls Washington DC.

AlternateUS2027Texas and Tyler form a union before retaking New Mexico and going to war with Arkansas, who is promptly given the support of Louisiana and Mississippi. Unfortunately, this is not enough, and all nations fall by 2030. Texas is back in the game.

AlternateUS2030The Californian Alliance finally gets around to uniting into one nation. Over the next 10 years, the four large nations go on a land grabbing spree.

AlternateUS2040New York, sick of all the fighting, has decided to develop nukes. They do before someone presses the button and destroys most of the world.