An Alternate Future of Australia

aus map.pngThis is a map of Australia’s states today. I’m going to be theorising what would happen if, for some reason, Australia’s states split up and became separate nations. I’ll put up a map like this one every time there is a major change.

1st of January, 2018

In a shock decision, The Australian federal government decides to cease to exist splitting Australia into 7 different nations, the ACT becoming part of New South Wales extremely quickly.

By May, the Northern Territory is struggling in terms of money. Despite offers from Western Australia, it soon collapses under the pressure, and it’s neighbours split up its land.

aus map 2.pngDarwin is still an independent city-state.

While all this is going on, trouble has been brewing between Victoria and Tasmania, mostly about useless things, including discussions on what should happen with the Spirit of Tasmania. Tensions are high, and any trigger could cause war.

The continent managed to make it 2 years without anything happening, but by 2020, a band of rebels has sprung up in Broome, Western Australia. They want independence from the WA government, and some land to go with it. After a year of fighting, the rebel army gets their way. Queensland later admits to funding the campaign, but by then WA can’t do anything about it.

aus map 2021

The newborn nation of Broome, soon after it’s independence, goes through a major drought and a plague, making it feel rather disappointed with its life. The Broome government wants better land, but are not yet strong enough to get it. The best it can do is get some land diplomatically from Indonesia.

After 7 years of independence, New South Wales opens its first Nuclear Power Plant in Canberra, Victoria not far behind. The two of them have formed an alliance. Tasmania doesn’t like the look of Victoria’s Nuclear Plant and declares. war.

Victoria is victorious and annexes Tasmania. The Spirit of Tasmania service is put back into action.aus map 2025.pngOn a roll, the Victorian’s decide that South Australia is getting too powerful. They and New South Wales declare war.

Being the two most powerful forces on the continent, the first half of the war was pretty easy. After a year of fighting, the attackers had almost reached Adelaide. South Australia’s government was getting desperate. The decided to call on Queensland for help, in exchange for a small amount of land.

The combined armies of Queensland and South Australia managed to cause a stalemate between the two sides. Because of this, peace was called for, the two sides keeping their borders at where their armies had made it to. The NSW and the Victorian governments decided to form the ‘South-Eastern Federation’. With the capital in Canberra.

Map, 2027aus map 2027South Australia moves its Houses of Parliament to Streaky Bay, which is further from the border with the SEF (South Eastern Federation). WA, after losing land to a rebellion a few years ago, decides to make up for its loss by taking some from South Australia, weakened by its other war.

It goes well for about five seconds, but as soon as Broome realises that WA’s army is elsewhere, they declare war. WA’s army is trapped between South Australia and Broome and is wiped out like an army stuck between two other armies. Broome ends up sharing out the land with South Australia.

Map, 2030aus map 2029Queensland, now covering just under a third of the continent, has become a monarchy and renamed itself to Kingsland. The SEF, a bit annoyed about this, declares war.

After another two and a half years of fighting, and a massive drop of population around these nations, Brisbane falls and Queensland surrenders. The SEF renames itself to become the Eastern Union or the EU. After realising that those initials already were taken, they become the ‘Eastern Australian Union’, or the EAU.

Broome and South Australia realise that they will have to stick together to face the power of the EAU.

Map, 2032

aus map 20322And we are left with two large nations on the continent, in a Cold War-like state. They stay like this for a period of 14 years, with no conflict but minor border skirmishes until something catastrophic happens in the EAU. The brand new fusion power plant in Sydney, powerful enough to supply the entire empire, is struck by a catastrophic tsunami. This not only cuts off most of the EAU’s power but wipes out the nation’s largest city. Western Australia, as they are now called, embrace the opportunity and attack.

Map, 2047


Soon, all but Melbourne and part of southern Tasmania is left. The fallen empire surrenders. Australia is finally united.AustralianFlag